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Managing your cash, Other lending, Will Writing, Philanthropy, Savings account, International FX payments, Private Banks and Charitable giving.

  • Having cash is a really important aspect of anyone’s financial situation, both in the short and medium term. You might be saving for something you need, or just like the financial security of an emergency cash supply. You might also have a large sum of cash which you need a short- medium term home for. We can introduce a range of solutions to help maximise the interest rate you receive and manage cash deposits more efficiently.


    This will involve the referral to Flagstone Cash Management which is separate and distinct service to those offered by St. James’s Place

  • When you have invested for the medium-long term but need access to cash- it may not always be best to encash investments to help with these short term cash needs- especially if the money is in tax-efficient structures. If you have a borrowing requirement you may (subject to eligibility) be able to use your St. James’s Place or Rowan Dartington investments as security.

  • We have access to a range of services and local experts who can assist you in making a Will, something which is vital to Inheritance tax planning.


    The writing of a will involves the referral to a service that is separate and distinct to those offered by St. James’s Place. Wills are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

  • Check with us if you can help ensure your philanthropy is effective and rewarding by using the tailored advisory service, St. James’s Place Philanthropy Service, which is provided by the Charities Aid Foundation.

  • We can help you work with Metro Bank to provide access to a savings range supported by a dedicated service centre at Metro Bank. Find out more by contacting a financial adviser today.

  • Through St. James’s Place, IQ&Co can offer access to a panel of foreign exchange providers offering foreign exchange and international payment services to clients. This can allow you to convert currencies due to needs like-owning a holiday home overseas, working abroad and being paid in a foreign currency, or to owning a business transacting with overseas customers or suppliers, our panel can assist. The panel of St. James’s Place foreign exchange providers allow clients to benefit from using a modern, flexible and competitively priced provider that can assist you with your own individual requirements.

  • As a customer of IQ&Co, by working with St. James’s Place we can offer access to a range of solutions for those clients with sophisticated banking and lending requirements. This allows for flexibility when our clients banking needs go beyond the approach offered by High Street Banks. Through St. James’s Place we have relationships with a select panel of private banks, chosen for a range of different styles, approaches and services. The aim is to provide a highly individualised service to those clients requiring either complex credit solutions, or seeking a bespoke and personal approach to their day-to-day banking.


    Please note that where you are introduced to the service of another provider, their services will be separate and distinct to those offered by IQ&Co and St. James’s Place.

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