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Inheritance Tax Calculator

Have you ever tried to estimate how much Inheritance Tax (IHT) may be due on your estate? You may wish to use this 'ready-reckoner' to calculate how much IHT might be due - the result may surprise you.

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insert your best estimate of the value of your assets into each of the boxes below.

This is provided as a quick guide only – it does not include other reliefs and exemptions that may be applicable. It is also important to note that any gifts made in the past seven years, or entitlements you may have in existing trusts** are not included in this calculation. These may further increase your liability to IHT. For married couples/civil partnerships, any liability to IHT may not arise until the second death, depending upon the provisions of Wills.

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Pension Calculator

Calculate how much you may need to save to fund the gap in your income at retirement.

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ISA Calculator

Use this simple ISA calculator to see how much your ISA could be worth.

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Risk Reality Calculator

Use this reality calculator to calculate the risk of death, suffering a critical illness or being unable to work.

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